Tuesday, March 20, 2007

St. Patty's Was Fun, But...

Yes this is getting labeled as part of my blog where I talk about saving money. Here is an easy one for those of you who still go out every night on the weekends and want to save a few dollars. Drink water! Yeah, it is good advise to help deter a hangover, but it is also a great way to save some money. Think about the normal night at a bar, and how many drinks you order. If you are recently out of college, or like to pretend like you are still in college, you probably have a pretty high tolerance. This means you will most likely continue to order drinks until the bartender calls last call. It's not a matter of how much alcohol you drink, it's more a matter of having something to drink. If you were to replace 2 or 3 cocktails each night you go out with a glass of water, you would wind up saving yourself a good $10-20 every time you went out. Keep that in mind the next time you ring up a $70 bar tab downtown.

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